Budget travel to Malta for holiday vacation

Malta is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It’s located in the central Mediterranean Sea. At arrival, you will experience the sunny days which runs all through the year, warm temperatures, crystal clear waters and stunning hotels, beach and beautiful pools. Malta is very rich in culture with unique historical significance. With all these fantastic features, one questions tourist usually ask is, how expensive is Malta?

When you are on budget travel to Malta for a holiday vacation, you have to book a cheap flight and affordable accommodations. Chilling off for Island holidays in places like Bali and Hawaii is expensive, no doubts the cost of living in Malta is also costly. When you finally arrive at this beautiful holiday destination in Malta, you can partake in many of the activities on the Island paying little to nothing.

During my last visit, I enjoyed so much fun at the beach. There are so many beaches in Malta, locate the one near your hotel for accessibility. If you can’t get one that suite your comfort around, take public transportation to Mellieha Bay. It’s one of the best and affordable beaches in Malta.

If you are traveling on a cheap budget to Malta for holiday vacation, you can visit Valletta to learn more about the history and beautiful culture of Malta. Valletta is the capital city of the island with above 300 historical location available for all to visit including tourist. More inciting is that many of these locations don’t require ticket fee for entry. I’m sure St John’s Co-Cathedral is free.

If you are an artist or a big fan of artefacts, you can check the two museums in Malta. Although Valletta’s museums do charge an entrance fee, it’s cheap and affordable by all. I enjoy spending a raining day at the Museums when it is impossible to visit the beach.

You can extend your visit to Sliema. A commercial district of the Island. There are so many shops, nightclubs, and restaurants to visit. And if club activities or getting new wears are out of your budget, you can take a walk around the promenade for free.

Is Malta worth visiting for a holiday vacation?

Malta has lots of natural relaxation centers, where you can feel relax and connect with nature while you are away. If you like hiking, you can hike around the beautiful Island. If you enjoy heights, then visit Dingli Cliffs, which is the highest point on the Island. This will give you access to the gorgeous views of the Mediterranean Sea. You might also like to visit Gozo or Comino. Another beautiful island accessible by ferry, they both have scenic hiking trails. These trails will take you through quaint villages, prehistoric temples, red sand beaches, Comino, and the stunning Blue Lagoon.

Is Malta expensive for tourists?

When compared to other European holiday destinations, Malta is a bit expensive. You can spend a minimum of €55 daily. Every dine spent on Malta holiday vacation is worth it, because nothing in Malta is underrated. It’s a beautiful and affordable place you should visit with the right budget.

The average cost of things in Malta

One night in an Airbnb apartment rental (double room) €72 / £65
A two-week holiday in Malta daily total cost per person (not including flights) €55 / £50
A single bus ticket to anywhere on the Island €1.50 / £1.35
Lunch/Dinner at a restaurant in Malta €12 / £10.80
Espresso at a local cafe €2 / £1.80
A glass of Maltese or Italian wine €3.50 / £3.15
Maltese beer €2.50 / £2.25


How expensive is Malta accommodation?

The price tag in Malta hotels and hostels are relatively high. Malta is a small island. You can book accommodation in any part of the Island and take a trip to any location of your choice. But it’s not common for travelers to stay overnight in Gozo Island. You can book one of the self-catered Airbnb apartments where you can prepare your meals and save for yourself the extra cost of eating outside. Airbnbs accommodation in Malta is fantastic. You can split your time between the gorgeous Rabat and Valletta.

In my last visit to Malta, the majority of our trip was done in Valletta, where we had access to a self-catered Airbnb studio apartment for just €72 per night. This is the average price anyone could get in Valletta. Malta’s capital. During summer a premium price of Arbnbs accommodation and hotels are very high because of the high demand.

What is the cost of transportation in Malta?

The price of bus service in Malta is reasonable and affordable. You can quickly get a bus route across the Island. Malta is well-connected with organized bus routes that make it easy to reside in any location of your choice.

During winter, the cost of bus tickets for a single journey is €1.50 and £2 during the summer holiday. Summer rates are between June to mid-October. If you enjoy the nightlife in Malta, then you will have to pay €3 per journey. Please note ticket can only be used for only 2 hours after purchase, else it becomes invalid. So, it’s possible to take different buses within the time frame of 2 hours.

If you intend to spend at least 12 days in Malta, you can save extra cash on transportation by purchasing a 12-journey card. This card gives you easy access to any location of your choice for 12 days at the rate of €15. Funny enough, it can be used by different people.

What is the cost of feeding in Malta?

Everything about Malta is expensive, including the cost of eating a good meal at a restaurant. You can spend €30 per meal for two. You can get the main course for €12, and a sandwich or salad box for €5-8. However, you can cut down cost eating in local pastries called pastizzi. They are traditional savoury filo pastry, where you can get ricotta or mushy peas for €0.50 each.

Do you live in Malta or once visited for a holiday vacation? You can share your experience with the cost of living in Malta using our comment session below.

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