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This privacy policy discloses how we protect your privacy each time you visit us.

At Travelphreak, we know how relevant your privacy and personal data is to you; for this reason, we do our best to keep it secret. Below are the privacy information Travelphreak gets each time you visit our site, and the security measures in place to protect this information.

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Please note that every detail of your privacy information are safe, and it will never be used for any illegal activities or given out to a third party for any reason.

Log files:

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Similar to other relevant blog globally, Travelphreak receives and uses information such as the various page you visited, your IP address, ISP, and the time you visited Travelphreak.com.

Each time you browse through our blog, we use cookies to store your details.

Travelphreak uses advertisement from trusted third-parties or advertisement agencies. These adverts appear on our blog pages, archive pages, homepage, as well as our post page when you navigate through them. This advertising agency makes use of the information such as the pages you visited and the time you spent browsing each page. The information available to advertisers exclude your privacy data like your name, your email address, phone number, among others. Advertisement used on our blogs is to promote your interest when searching for goods and services you will like to purchase and show you the right sellers to buy from.

This advertisement is shown based on the geo-targeting motive of displaying adverts based on the sites you previously visited.

You can choose to turn off third-parties cookies from your end using your browser settings or Norton Internet Security. Please note, this will interrupt your browsing experience with our site and other third-party websites.

Thanks for visiting Travelphreak.com.