Top 7 Places to visit in Europe for your next holiday vacation

Europe is a year-round destination for an enjoyable holiday vacation. People usually ask; When is the best time to travel to Europe? From personal experience, I will advise you to visit Europe from May, June, and September. During this period, you can easily have access to cheap travel deals because prices are reasonable. The best cities in Europe are less crowded during this period, and the weather is friendly for all. Check out the cities to visit in Europe if you consider it a destination for your next holiday.

  1. High Tatras, Slovakia

There is something unique about Slovakia’s High Tatras landscape. You will notice a lofty realm of crooked peaks, their plunging waterfalls, and the fearsome beasts patrol the forests. You will see some brown bears that thrive in this rugged and wild region that are eradicated from most parts of Europe. You can easily find them at the High Tatras. Different tour agencies will lead you on foot adventure to spy them. Walking on woods where wolves, lynx, endemic Tatra chamois do roam.

High Tatras, Slovakia
Wild river in Slovakia, Tatras high mountains

In addition to watching wildlife, there are several activities to keep you busy. You can take a ride to the summit of Slovakia’s highest peak of about 2655m – high Gerlach. If you enjoy water activities, you can partake in boating on the glacial lake. If you ever wondered where to go to Europe, I’m sure the High Tatras is a dream vacation destination you will enjoy.

  1. Madrid, Spain

Madrid is among the top places to visit in Europe. Its nightlife remains one of Europe’s best and keeps improving. The minimalist cocktail joints remain one of the coolest in the continent nightlife streets. More enticing is the ray of lights that is not only noticeable by night owls, but its sustainable changes has led to wide-scale pedestrianization, rental schemes, the use of bicycle lanes widened footpaths, and a new emissions controls which transforms the city.

Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain. Santa Maria la Real de La Almudena Cathedral and the Royal Palace.

You will also notice some transformation in the historic Museo del Prado, like a new lease of life. The array of special exhibitions usually performs art shows. This was done throughout 2019 to celebrate the Museum’s bicentenary.

  1. The Arctic Coast Way, Iceland

Another must-see place in Europe is the Arctic Coast Way in Iceland. Millions of people visit every year, and their primary focus is Reykjavik and the famous Golden Circle. Others focus on the west, or even the far-flung east, only a few head north. To date, that is how it is.

The Arctic Coast Way, Iceland
The drive in Iceland had nothing been short of a delight. Amidst all those pretty landscapes. a fine evening in the vicinity of Vik.

Activities in Arctic Coast Way, Iceland include running 800km from Western Hvammstangi to Eastern Bakkafjörður. You can also tour 21 villages and four islands in the newly founded Arctic Coast, along Iceland’s elemental North Coast. These are some of the natural wonders that made Iceland famous. In addition to the colossal glaciers, thunderous waterfalls, steaming fumaroles, and the numerous opportunities for snow sports. Their Wilderness adventures and wildlife watching is a lifetime experience. Some see it as the best of Iceland, outside the crowds.

  1. Hercegovina, Bosnia, and Hercegovina

The Hercegovina historical region on which counterpart Bosnia geographically piggybacks is some of the top places to visit in Europe. If it’s your first time in Hercegovina, you should look out for Mostar’s magnificent Stari Most bridge; this will spring your mind. Crowds arrive each summer to fiddle with their filters to snag a perfect snap of the striking stone structure.

Hercegovina, Bosnia, and Hercegovina
Mostar / Bosnia & Hercegovina – Aug 17, 2017: The shot was taken from the Mostar Bridge the view is south from the old Bridge

You can widen your tour with a trip along the CIRO cycling trail; you will also notice the former Austro-Hungarian railway line that connects the countryside from Mostar to Dubrovnik. It ties up some of the best cities in Europe’s top sights. The accommodation also available in the atmospheric old train stations to lock your bikes and for easy access to explore further. You will also enjoy your trip around the streets of medieval Počitelj. Veronica Karst wind tunnels, hike to the traditional mountain in Lukomir village, is another beautiful experience for most tourists. It creates a new perspective on your mind of this picture-perfect region.

  1. Bari, Italy

Bari has a long-served jumping-off point for tourists who will like to en route to Puglia’s big hitters in the south. This makes it among the best European destinations. At Bari, Italy, a reinvigorated old town fine-tune. The boarded-up shop fronts shops have been replaced by family-run eateries. You will enjoy the ear-shaped plate orecchiette in pretty piazzas, served by grandmothers. But there are lots of changes in cosmetics, because of some changes in cultural spaces that are reopening.

Bari, Italy
Bari, Italy, Puglia: Swabian castle or Castello Svevo, a medieval landmark of Apulia.

You can sense a different Bari, Italy from the ornate Teatro Piccinni theatre to once-condemned heritage hotels like the Oriente; Also remember the art nouveau Teatro Margherita, previously used for the playhouse and now repurposed as a striking art space on stilts over the sea. The enjoyable nightlife makes Bari a niche place where everyone should go to Europe for a holiday vacation. The streets are safe and the beaches surrounding is very clean. I think Bari has found a new life.

  1. Shetland, Scotland

This is one popular city among Europe destinations for holiday vacation. It is highly recommended as the best place to go in Europe, especially for the first time and solo female travelers. It is located at 170 kilometers off the coast of mainland Scotland. It is popularly known for its wind-beaten archipelago cut adrift in the North, one of the hardiest of adventurers with awesome rewards of coastal trails. Shetland wicked wildlife watching and fabled chips and fish shops. You will also fall in love with the stiff dram of whiskey or two courtesy of one of the proud, friendly locals.

Shetland, Scotland
Lerwick town center under blue sky, Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland, United Kingdom

A visit to Shetland is worth it. It is starting from the overnight ferry from Aberdeen, an adventure in itself. Explore the spot otters and orcas from craggy headlands, then ease your day into the evening at one of the best Lerwick’s local pubs. This holds until the Viking-inspired Up Helly Aa festival bursts into life every January, during this period, things get a lot more heated.

  1. Lyon, France

One of the must-see places in Europe in Lyon. It is long overshadowed by the capital to the North. Although Lyon doesn’t have enough reputation or a huge crowd as Paris, they share similar winning traits.

Lyon, France
Famous view of Lyon from the top of Notre Dame de Fourviere

It’s a beautiful duel riverfront. The city food like bistros, boulangeries, and bouchons are legendary. Lyon culture ranges from des Confluences to Gadagne. All these features make the best Europe destinations for holiday vacation.

If you have been to any of the top places in Europe for vacation, please share your experience below.

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