5 Top Tips for Growing A Home Based Travel Agency Business

Taking a view of all the work from home business possibilities, a home based travel agency business remains the best. It is full of fun and potentials that are profitable for the travel industry. You don’t only enjoy the fun of helping people travel to their dream destination, but you earn a commission. This usually comes from the sales of travel services and other travel business opportunities you don’t provide yourself. Which other business is this exciting and enjoyable like travel agent jobs?

If you would like to start a home-based travel agency business, and enjoy all the privileges or win a free trip for vacation, then follow the 5 top tips below for stating a home based travel agency business. It will surely get you started the right way.

To make your home based travel agency business a successful one, try to affiliate with a host travel agency with the required certifications. There are major things you can’t have access to but with their help, you can access them. With their certification, you can easily tap into the network of different travel vendors and suppliers.

When choosing a host agency, make sure they meet all the proper industry criteria. Also, check if they are open to travel business opportunities or programs that allows startup home based travel agency to use their credentials. Do they have programs you can signup with to establish yourself as a legitimate travel agency?

To be a successful travel agent from home, you need specific credentials like the CLIA card. Here CLIA means Cruise Line Industry Association. This certificate gives you the privilege to special discounted agent rates on cruises among other benefits for you and your customer.

  • Choose a Host travel Agency with Comprehensive Training.

Even though you are knowledgeable about travels, you still need professional training for you to strive or compete with an existing travel agency or travel agent jobs. This training will equip you to operate in the travel industry, telling you what you should do and the things not allowed.

Getting to know the latest trends, the best places for tourism, and how to meet the demands of your customers are vital issues in the travel business. This is another reason for you to choose a host travel agency with comprehensive training. They will train you on different travel courses to boost your travel products, marketing, services, among others.

For some host travel agencies, you must have to undergo their training or courses before you can start a home based travel agency business. If you don’t undergo their training, then it’s obvious they won’t allow you to have access to their credentials. Although this training is not compulsory for ticket bookings, undergoing it will make everything easier. If you are well trained with quality information, you will become travelers favorite.

  • Affiliate with a host agency that will promote your business.

Conduct proper research before choosing a host agency for your home based travel agency business. Look for host agencies that will promote your business. Don’t choose a host travel agency based on popularity. Choose those that will offer you marketing assistance to grow your travel business. The best host companies will help you integrate a turn-key or online booking search engine. This will make clients easily search for the best rate on travel deals.

Look for a host travel company that has automated marketing software or tools such as autoresponders that will handle some strategic promotions and email campaigns.

You will save enough money and gain more potential customers if you select the right host travel agency to partner with. There are situations where host travel agencies provide ready-made templates for your business card printing, flyers, postcard, among others. These tools are great, use them as you were trained to get the best out of your home based travel agency business.

  • Choose a Host Travel Agency Capable of Handling All Your Travel Details.

Some host travel companies will help you handle your client’s bookings and travel routine. But what happens if your client’s name is misspelled on a travel ticket and a refund is required? This is enough reason for you to understand the type of customer support available. Read and understand all their policies carefully before signing them. If you find anything you don’t understand, please refer to their customer service to explain the travel business opportunities for you.

home based travel agency businessThe following are the minimum requirement to look out for:

  1. The number of years a host agency has been in business or how reputable they are.
  2. The level of email, telephone, and web-based support they render. Some render 24 hours customer support.
  3. The host agency with clear and simple refunding and cancellation policies remains the best.
  4. A track of fast and problem-solving record to customer service issues.
  • Choose a host travel agency that has the best commission policy.

Money shouldn’t be the first thing to look out for when researching a host travel agency. No doubt the commission is what you need to run your home based travel agency business, You should not consider the commission, but how you get paid. If you choose the best host travel agency in the world, it won’t grow your business if they lack honesty or not aboveboard.

When you finally get a host travel agency that meets all your requirement to start a home based travel agency business as listed in 1 – 4 above, you can now proceed to check their commission policy. Here are the major things to look out for.

  1. Take note of the exact amount they pay as commission for every travel product that is sold through your agency. Try to find out if the commission will be earned for add-on sales like an insurance for a cancelled trip or when luggage is lost. A good host travel agency will pay their partners for every piece of travel product sold.
  2. Find out what their commission chargeback policy is when your client cancels a trip, and a refund is requested.
  3. Check when your commission is locked in. Is it at the point of sales; when your client debarks a trip, or when your client requests a refund?
  4. Make inquiries on when your commission will be paid. Some agencies Net 30, while others pay longer. Whatever is their stipulated period, make sure it is something you can live with.

In conclusion, starting up a home based travel agency business has its own benefits. The most important thing is to research a good and quality host agency to partner with. Try to be familiar with the product they offer so that you can render your clients the best travel deal from the experience. Doing this more often will make you flow and bring more clients your way.

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