How to book the best Hostels in Paris

Are you looking for the best hostels in Paris for solo travelers? This is a comprehensive article that will help you discover it. You can check the list below for amazing hostels such as backpacker Paris hostel, those close to the city center, Gare du Nord, even the ones near Eiffel tower, Check the top list of Paris Hostels below.

According to top ratings of hostels in Paris, the overall best hostels are:

  1. Les Piaules
  2. Christopher’s inn: canal

Best and Affordable Hostel

  1. Woodstock Montmartre
  2. Generator Paris

Paris Hostels for parties

  1. Christopher’s Gare du Nord

Hostels in special locations

  1. Plug Inn Montmartre

Local boutique hostels

  1. BVJ Champs de Elysees

Best Hostel for couples

  1. Smart place

Hostel for families

  1. Arty Paris

Most quiet and safe Hostel

  1. Absolute Paris Boutique

Now you’ve seen the categories of Paris hostel; it’s now left for you to decide which one to pick according to your need. For example, the Le Village Montmartre Hostel is among the most preferred in Paris. Paris is one of the most beautiful places in the world you can travel alone, especially for solo female travellers. Paris is expensive, so if you are traveling to Paris, you definitely will need the right place to lay your head. I’m sure hostels are good picks for those traveling on a budget.

To pick the right ones out of the numerous hostels in Paris, you need to answer these questions with all sincerity. Which of the hostels is more popular? Which of them is within your budget? Which of them has a quiet and more relaxing environment? Well, Paris got you covered, we are going to help you answer these questions, to make it easy for you to pick a suitable one within your budget. Check out the reviews below.

  1. How much do Top hostels in Paris cost?

As earlier mentioned, Paris is very expensive but affordable with the right budget. Using Parisian Hostel, for example, the price tag for a dorm bed is $28, and $61 for a double private room in Paris Hostels. Although you can get a dorm bed at a very low price, let’s say around $15. The significant factors that affect the price hike are the season and quality of the Hostel. Some persons are very concerned about the amenities. So, they wouldn’t mind spending extra for a bed just to get the best hostels in Paris that suit solo-travellers.

To enjoy the best Paris hostels on a low budget, travel before or after summer. During this period people are on holidays and everywhere is filled up, it is considered the most expensive part of the year. The regular price doubles during summer.

  1. Location

Where are the best hostels in Paris located? If this Hostel you are crazy about is not in a convenient part of Paris, you will have to spend off-budget and more time on transportation than you ever expected. Most travelers prefer to stay in hostels in the city center of Paris. I understand the high level of comfort solo-travellers seek, more reason you should search around your neighbourhood, it’s possible you get a more comfortable hostel with better facilities than those full of Parisian charm and highly expensive.

You can narrow your search to Paris hostels at Montmartre, around Gare du Nord, Charles de Gaulle airport or near the Eiffel Tower. If you need good hostels in Paris for easy access to the whole city, then try the ones close to Paris Metro station.

  1. Available Amenities

Every traveler has their taste when it comes to choosing the best hostels in Paris. Some will rather prefer a hostel where free breakfast is served or a bar attached. Make sure you search correctly to know the available amenities before you book. Some solo travelers will rather prefer a hostel with social and community atmosphere, where they can meet with other travelers. Others are cool with Hostel with private rooms and a bathroom. The more the amenities, the more you are likely to spend more money and enjoy more comfort. These unique amenities are significant determinants in choosing the best Paris hostel that suits you.

For example, Woodstock Montmartre has lots of enjoyable amenities like Wi-fi, personal kitchen, free breakfast, café, and bar for special personality. You can relax with social heads up during mid-day lockout for

  1. A quiet and serene environment

Similar to the sayings “different strokes for different folks.” Hostels in Paris have different dorms. If you like to party all night, or you prefer a quiet evening alone in your bed, your choice of Hostel will help you achieve this. If you are a calm person, Search for hostels with 24hours reception and secured with key-card access. This is one way to stay safe and enjoy a quiet environment. You can also look out for specials hostels with only female-dorm rooms.

Now you know the essential requirement to look out for before you book a hostel in Paris, what is Paris’ best Hostel?

This is not a quick to answer a question. From our analysis in addition to reading reviews, we can confidently say the best hostels in Paris depends on individual’s taste and purpose of traveling.

Speaking from a general review, I will say St. Christopher’s is the best Hostel in Paris. It has all the features of backpackers, Friendly staff, with different dorm sizes that are not too big or too small. It is very clean with a good vibe for all travelers.

Besides, St. Christopher’s has a bar and a restaurant attached where you can quickly meet with travelers of like mind and make new friends. They also offer free tour by feet to help you learn new things about the city. It’s an awarding hostel in Paris full of fascinating things and surprising people with a comfortable bed to rest after keeping long nights.

When was the last time you book a hostel in Paris? From personal experience, I enjoyed myself, what about you, feel free to share your Hostel experience in our comment session below.

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