Going on holiday alone without the help of a travel agent

The travel industry is growing very fast, with excess profit worldwide. It usually reports an excess of about $5.4 trillion each year. More revealing is that travel agents earn the large chunk of this amount through commissions on hotels, car rentals, flights and cruises. Consumers unknowingly pay this commission as hidden fees when they travel for coastal vacation.

But you can choose to save yourself this commission fee by going on holiday alone without a travel agent. One amazing place to spend your holiday at an amazing price is to choose from the cheap hotels upper west side nyc

If you wish to travel cheap to your dream location, Choose a coastal vacation. Then you can enjoy all the traveling alone benefits when you plan your trip alone.

Going on holiday alone without a travel agent remains the best way to eliminate all the commission paid to make your dream vacation more affordable. You can save up to 10 – 25 percent on your holiday vacation if you go without a travel agent.

It is this same commission fee that made most major airlines to terminate travel agent commissions recently. If you travel often using travel agents, you must have noticed the place of the commission has shifted from airlines to the advice for coastal vacations. This travel agent consulting fee cost between $60 – $80 per hour.

Despite this disadvantage of a travel agent, most consumers are afraid to travel alone without a travel agent, so, they prefer this expensive holiday vacation option.

How can I enjoy going on holiday alone without a travel agent?

Those going on holiday alone without a travel agent sees it as a more affordable option for them. Travelers who are not afraid to travel alone spend quality time researching just to beat travel agents and at the same time enjoy their holiday vacation. The tips below will help you enjoy going on holiday alone.

  • Spend quality time researching

The quality of time you spent researching the best tropical location is equivalent to a good coastal vacation. When it comes to travel agent vs. do it yourself, one word that keeps ringing in your mind the fear of traveling alone to an unknown location. The curiosity of where to visit, and where to reside among others. Settling for a room in an oceanside is completely different from what you will find in several hotels and most of the travel agency are aware of this. So, going away by yourself will cost you extra time to research for the best hotels if you truly desire good holiday vacation.

Why use a travel agency why you can research your destinations for your holiday vacation? Although not all can conduct quality research, if you can, you will save yourself from travel agent consulting fee. Some online travel agency has quality blogs with detailed information. They specify the different locations, hotels and attraction centers. These sites are open and free to all who desire information about holiday travel. You can make use of various travel agency blogs in your research to get the need information.

  • Money means a lot!

Before you start making plans for your tropical holiday vacation, you must have some amount of money, especially when you are traveling abroad. Unfortunately, most people don’t have enough resources when going on holiday alone, not to talk about spending it on travel agents. Many airlines, quality hotels and online travel blogs also display fair enough deals on vacations, no matter your destination around the world. Anyone can make use of this available information on vacation deals without visiting or calling any travel agent.

  • You understand what you want better than any travel agency

No matter the years of experience of a travel agent or agency, they can’t tell how you expect to feel for your upcoming holiday vacation. All they do, most times is to give a general recommendation. Since you know yourself better, then you should know what to plan for while away.

  • You can take advantage of travel agent opportunities

Consumers who have been planning their holiday vacations themselves are in a better position to recommend for their friends and family members a better location. If you do this continuously, you will stand a chance for winning a free holiday vacation to some destinations. They can also pass their package to friends and family.

Is traveling alone a good idea?

Traveling itself is recommended for everyone; it broadens our horizons and gives us enough reason for appreciating nature. When you narrow this importance to going on holiday alone; you will discover new potentials within yourself when you travel alone once in a while. Below are the ten benefits of traveling or going on holiday alone.

traveling alone

  • It makes you discover new things about yourself

The moment you set out on the journey, traveling alone for the first time, you will notice your fears and feel the need to overcome them. During this process, you will see some level of self-esteem in decision making and knowing your true self. Traveling remains the best way to gain raw experiences where the person inside you will surface.

Once you travel on your own for the first time, you will discover the importance of self-meditation, concentration and listening to the sayings in your heart. This will help you focus on your dreams and ambition for a better life. To some, they feel the best way to find answers to their existence is going on holiday alone in a destination far away. If this is you, then enjoy all these traveling alone benefits.

  • Traveling out of your comfort zone will boost your confidence

When you embark on a journey to places you haven’t been before, it will boost your confidence to always rely on yourself even at difficult times. Traveling out of your comfort zone will challenge you in various ways to test the level of your patience. The best way to explore the beautiful planet is going on a holiday vacation alone.

You will experience some challenges locating a tourist destination, but when you explain to a local person, you will find your way. This kind of experience will build your ability to overcome different obstacles and major challenges you are facing, leaving room for personal growth.

  • Traveling alone is cheaper

Traveling alone is far cheap, choosing Upper west side hotels makes it even cheaper, it makes it easy for you to stick to your budget. In this case, you are the primary decision taker. You decide what and where to eat. This will save you the cost of spending for two, at the same time-saving money for adventurous, sport, sightseeing or traveling around the different island within the country of your destination.

  • To make new friends

Going on holiday alone will boost your need to make friends easily. This is one of the healthy vacation tips for singles. Going away by yourself makes it much easier for you to interact with other travelers as well as the local people for new friendship. In most of the tropical holiday vacation centers, the local people are always interested in those traveling on their own. They are curious to know your purpose for the vacation and are ready to help out and at the same time open for new friendship.

  • You will be able to choose your own route

When you go alone on vacation to your dream destination, you will be the one to plan your daily route and the places you will like to go sightseeing. The reverse is the case when you are traveling on holiday with your spouse, a friend or family members. You will have to discuss and conclude on the places to go, and in the process, one person has to shift grounds for the other, to avoid disagreement. Going on holiday alone means you are in charge of all the extra activities you will like to engage in and plan your vacation your style.

  • You will learn how to depend on yourself

Traveling alone will benefit and train your mind to rely on yourself when you face a difficult situation. Personal decisions are crucial because you are the one to determine what your life turns out to be. For this reason, you must develop the habit of trusting your heart, building a sound mind for making personal decisions. You will need it in different aspect of your life when it’s time to take a vital step. This is when you will realise you are the architecture of your real world.

Going on holiday alone

  • It will boost your self-confidence

Going on holiday alone to your dream location will help you discover valuable skills to become more confident in yourself. The adventure, sightseeing of wildlife, among other natural attractions, will boost your mind with the ability to exceed your previous limits and to overcome obstacles on your path. Being on a trip on your own without a travel agent will make you a stronger person and a knowledgeable traveler. Traveling all by yourself on a holiday trip is so challenging. You will have to plan and organise things this will help you realise your ability to achieve your set goals, to translate plans into reality.

  • You reflect and relate the experience better

Another reason why traveling alone is the right idea is that it helps you reflect on the entire experience very fast. Because you are all alone on the journey and no distraction. Each time your mind reflects your holiday vacation, you can easily remember every single experience and exciting places you visited. Traveling alone for the first time will help you realise all the new things you learned, friendship made, and the significant challenges you faced and overcame. This whole experience is enjoyable because it makes you focus on things that give you joy, especially when it has been your childhood dream destination.

  • You will learn how to enjoy your company

Going on holiday alone will help you see how important you are to yourself. It will create the “me time” you desire to grow your mind. As part of the traveling alone benefits, it will enable you to start appreciating yourself for the person you have become. Stress can steal peoples joy when they are alone. If you are an example, I advise you to go away by yourself to your dream destination to refresh your mind. Doing this will spark up the joy in you to enjoy your own company.

  • You need it for your entire well-being

If you ask those who travel on holidays to their desired destination the reason for doing so, I’m sure the first thing they will tell you is that, they love to catch fun and be happy. This alone can save you from all the stress you have gone through; your mind and body will be well relaxed. The feelings reflect our very existence and how important we are to our environment. It reunites man to his natural self, due to the native inhabitants, mountains, among others he has been exposed. Traveling often for vacation holiday will make you discover new and beautiful places on earth you never thought exist.

Traveling all by yourself will also give you the freedom to engage in things you love doing. Nobody will distract you, no arguments, quarrels or even compromise. It has a way of boosting your imagination to think wide, learning a new language etc. It will give you an added advantage to discover the true nature of your environment and how you can live at peace with those around you.

We all experience tough times, and one of the major abilities to scale through is to travel alone for a holiday vacation.

I hope you are going to plan your next vacation trip alone after reading this article. Don’t be afraid to travel alone, in fact conquering the fear is enough reason you should start getting ready for your trip. Traveling alone does not mean you have to be out of reach entirely. Learn to keep your loved ones posted where you are going to.

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