Best places to travel by yourself for holiday vacation

Traveling remains a wonderful way to discover places, learn other people’s culture, and most importantly relax your nerves during your holiday vacation. At the same time, it can be so stressful if you don’t know the best places to travel by yourself for relaxation.

You can choose to travel around different states or countries. It all depends on where you desire to enjoy your holiday vacation. No matter where you travel to, there are always new things and adventures of sightseeing. This article will help you find the best places to travel by yourself for an enjoyable vacation.

Where is the best place to travel alone?

Traveling alone is one of the best gifts you ever can imagine. It affords you daily opportunities to learn, grow and enhance your mental ability. This will bring you closer to yourself, than the usual work routine, friends and family.

Traveling to the best place alone to find yourself is not an easy task. There is so much anxiety attached. From the planning stage, making a decision, to your departure it can be so nerve-wracking.

When I was about making my first trip, it was really difficult to decide if I should proceed or sit back. But the hardest part of me was eager to go. I finally made my decision to travel; I was surprised how everything fell in place. I enjoyed every bit of the journey to the extent I mocked myself for ever doubting my trip.

If you are traveling for the first time, you may want to check out these beautiful destinations for your holiday vacation. They are the safest and easy places ever known. You will meet friendly people who will give welcome you in an attractive manner. If you are planning for your vacation, then I advise you to check out these best places to travel by yourself this holiday without the help of a travel agent.

  • Thailand

Thailand is among the best places to travel by yourself to catch the sunrise. I know you will be surprised that Thailand is first on this list, what else should you have expected from this land of smiles. A holiday vacation in Thailand is cheap, affordable, full-on delicious meals, friendly people and a lot of visitors who are on the same mission with you. This makes it a cycle of fun.


To show how popular Thailand is, you can easily find multiple flights from any part of the world arriving in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. No matter your location. More revealing is the fact that about 35 million people around the globe visit Thailand annually. This makes it the best place to travel alone on a budget because there must be something attracting such huge visitors.

To enjoy your holiday vacation to the fullest, I advise you to begin your tour from Bangkok where you will fall in love with the charming beauty of the city. From Chiang Mai up to the north. You will learn many things on your Thailand visit, starting from their most preferred cooking course or templates, to having fun and playing with elephants. You will also notice their scuba diving on their beautiful islands in the south.

After having a taste of pleasures, you desire, you can as well visit other neighboring countries at an affordable air flight, train, and bus rate to continue your tour.

  • Japan

Japan is among the best places to travel by yourself for the first time because it is the cleanest, most polite, safest and most organized of all countries. They are so unique in their delightful and mystery technology, food, and culture.

Please be warned that language will be of great challenge to you because you will get confused at a different Japanese sign. Begining from their train stations, the hotel you are lodging, up to their resort centers. If you speak English, you will experience a tough time discussing or making a request from restaurant waiters and hotel staff.

Japan vacation

The language barrier is only an issue but not a problem because there is a different translation app to ease communication. You can also use body language such as point and nod to the meal you want. If you are the official type, you will enjoy their widespread and punctual transportation system, moving from one location to another is easy and convenient.

If you are looking for the best places to travel to discover yourself at a low price, you can try out Japan. But beware of their high hotel fees, I advise you opt-in for a capsule hotel, it is a bit different from a hotel with their little bed space. And since eating alone is a norm in Japan, lodging in a capsule hotel is a better option, your personal space is respected, and you dine alone.

  • Malaysia

Another best place to travel alone in Malaysia, but people often overlook this destination due to its location and because it favor’s neighboring countries more. From personal experience, I will tell you Malaysia is mind-boggling. Malaysia is located in southeast Asia; this makes it possible for you to venture into the stunning environment in the region. You will notice their multi-culture, some of them speak a minimum of 2 languages, in addition to their official English language.


The language barrier is not an issue; this makes it the best place to travel abroad alone. You will be opportune to take part in different local events and celebrations, speaking and hearing from friendly people.

Similar to the things present in Thailand, you will experience the same in your vacation visit to Malaysia. Make sure you take advantages of different tour centers from cities, to small towns, beaches and of cause their adorable mountains. You will meet people from different part of the world who are visiting for the same holiday vacation. Their Islands, diving, off the beaten path is a life-changing experience; you hardly see a country that can beat Malaysia in these features. So, if you are still thinking of the best places to travel by yourself, I think Malaysia is the perfect location for you.

  • Iceland

Iceland is also among the best places to travel by yourself. It is consistently ranking for the safest place to travel alone. This means there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Another thing you don’t have to worry yourself about is getting lost. You can choose to take a ride with a buddy if you don’t feel like driving, or preferably take public transport.


Iceland is a small but delightful place to visit. This makes it very easy for everybody to know each other, as it is in a small neighborhood. The security and level of trust are so much that people sometimes dash out of their car without locking it, to get something from a grocery shop. As for the communication level in Iceland, everyone hears and speak the English language very well, so the issue of having a language barrier is canceled.

The only issue you are likely to face in your visit to Iceland is the cost of things; it is on the high side. But you can sort this out on your own by booking hotels and buying your groceries. If you can afford the expenses, Iceland no doubt is one of the best countries to travel alone.

  • Germany

When people are mentioning the place to travel abroad alone, the first place that comes to my mind is Germany. It remains my favorite country in Europe. I enjoyed my first-time travel to Germany so much that I will recommend it for solo female travelers. It is the best place to travel alone to find yourself. You will discover beautiful galleries, given the opportunity to join their street art tour, and shopping at the best flea markets. If you visit their art scene in Berlin, you can move to Stuttgart and Spreewald to see their castles. If you visit Germany, you will notice it has the true beauty of nature to calm your mind during your holiday travel.


The country is very safe; their major language is English, making communication easy for you. Germany keeps moving steps ahead as part of the best places to travel by yourself, compared to the position it previously occupied. Their cultural diversity makes Germany comfortable for you to feel yourself without being judged. I am sure everyone will like this when traveling alone for the first time.

  • California

If you are not from America and you are reading this post, California is among the best place to travel abroad alone. Read on as I present to you my favorite vacation destination – California! There are so many states and areas you can visit in America and still enjoy your holiday vacation. But when California is mention, I see it as the best place to travel alone in the world.


When I said California is among the best places to travel by yourself, I was not trying to hype it. The best spots in California are San Francisco, Orange County, Humboldt County, and of course the Pacific Coast Highway. You can start your tour from San Francisco; it’s a tourist favorite with the best public transport, vibrant culture and high walkability. You can also choose from the bunch of road trip routes, as for me I prefer the Southwest and the Pacific Coast. If you truly need the best places to travel by yourself to clear your head, visit Slab City. To summarize it all, California has endless ways you can enjoy your holiday vacation.

  • New Zealand

If you are below the age of 29, searching for the best places to travel by yourself for an enjoyable holiday vacation, then try New Zealand. I assure you, it will turn out the right choice. People see the pleasure of visiting New Zealand, and they do that often during their days off or shortly after finishing up with their work contracts.

New Zealand
New Zealand

New Zealand is fantastic and the best place to travel to discover yourself. To those who enjoy driving along distance, you will be opportune to visit so many places for sightseeing. You can as well take public bus or trains, anyone of your choice, because they are all convenient and less expensive. But if you truly desire to visit in-depth places, a car is more preferred. The locals are amiable, and they will easily show you the way around. I advise you to stay in a social hotel at least the first few days you arrive in New Zealand and look for a friend who is good at the road map. That you choose to embark on the trip alone doesn’t mean you should keep to yourself all through your stay.

New Zealand is the best country to travel alone, especially for those who like outdoor activities. You can catch some fun at the stunning islands, rugged glaciers, blue dolphins, and gorgeous lakes, including different routes to hike through. Start by practicing some solo hikes at home, when you are good in it, you can head off to New Zealand with just a flight.

  • Hawaii

Hawaii doesn’t reflect in the mind of many when you are researching the best places to travel to by yourself. I was surprised by the beautiful things I saw on my visit to Hawaii. This was the reason I added it to my top 10 list of the best places to travel by yourself. So that those who are still in doubt should have a change of thinking.


Hawaii is very rich in culture, and a favorable tropical climate. It is well structured and secure that you can easily mistake it to be a country on its own. When you visit Hawaii, you will find so many things you can do by yourself. You can decide to take a trip on the road to Hana, a solo exploration to Lanai, or choose to join the Maui Surfer Girls Camp. This camp is designed for female travelers traveling alone and looking for other women on the same mission to take up a new sport with. You will have a notable experience that will empower you and at the same time, catch fun!

  • Peru

If you are currently searching for the best places to travel to by yourself in South America, I recommend Peru. Their different features will incredibly expose you to different cultural and climatic experiences. Their iconic spots such as Peruvian Amazon, Rainbow Mountain, The Inca Trail, Huacachina, among other gorgeous hiking trails. I mean there is a bucket full of items for sightseeing.


There are lots of visitors coming in all through the year; you will never feel bored. Most of the tourist centers in Peru are happy to welcome you. Peru has a backpacker scene, making it easy for you to meet people at hostels and their different tour centers. To break the communication barrier, you may likely encounter in Peru, try to learn a bit of Spanish, because most of the local people don’t speak English.

Security in Peru is not as tight as it is in countries mentioned above, but you don’t have to worry yourself about that. Apply the same security precautions you were previously used to.

  • Botswana


Botswana is filled with lots of fun, ranging from its wild elephants that is the best you can ever find in any part of Africa. Botswana is among the best places to travel by yourself if you love wildlife. This makes it a little bit more expensive compared to other countries in Africa. The security is tight, with good roads and a well-arranged lodged system. It is truly a beautiful place; you should give a try.

How to travel by yourself and have a memorable trip

The best places to travel by yourself have been mention above. But how do you plan to travel all alone and at the same time have a memorable trip? The tips below will help you answer this question.

  • Make copies of all your traveling credentials

A great tip for you when traveling alone is to make sure the original and photocopies of your traveling credentials like your passport, your itinerary, traveler’s checks, among other things you will need for your journey are in tight. Remember you are traveling alone, and no one to remind you of anything. I advise you to keep the original travel credentials from the photocopy for security reasons.

  • Take a small bottle of an aromatherapy product with you

If you are traveling by flight you will need at least a small bottle of aromatherapy product, in case someone sitting beside you has a strong body odor. Just take a little of the aromatherapy product and place it under your nose. This may upset your neighbors because people smell things differently, but it will surely rescue you from the unpleasant smell.

  • Avoid seats in cramped quarters

If you are traveling alone on a long journey, then avoid booking seats in cramped quarters. It is notorious and is capable of causing you deep vein thrombosis, that can lead to blood clotting in your legs. Please avoid seating in cramped quarters regularly when traveling. Learn the habit of taking a walk at least once per hour.

  • Locate restaurants close to central markets areas

To avoid spending out of pockets each time you travel to the best places by yourself, locate restaurants and eateries that are close to central markets areas. You will find healthy local food that will suit your desired diet.

  • Split Your valuable items

When planning the best place to travel alone in the world, make sure you split your valuables when packing. Keep useful items in different space in your luggage. This is part of the safety tips you should follow to save yourself from losing everything in an accident or robbery situation. This way, you will still have something to continue your journey.

Best places to travel by yourself

  • Budget for miscellaneous items

When making plans for your holiday travel, don’t keep your budget underestimated. You will need certain things you didn’t budget for. You may also experience extra fees if you exceed the weight allocated to your ticket. If you are traveling to places like Las Vegas you will have to overestimate for your accommodation. You will have to pay hotel resort fees separately from your accommodation fee.

  • Get a personalized recommendation from social media

You can take advantage of different social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, among others, to get suggestions as you drive along the road. But be careful using this medium because you could be misled. You can update your social media status if you have travelers or travel agents as friends for description. You can also ask them to recommend a good restaurant, advice on the local customs of the local people, and how to navigate the city. No doubt someone will be out to help.

  • Purchase a travel insurance

When traveling alone to the places you consider best for your holiday vacation, purchase travel insurance. No one can predict future occurrences. The unexpected can happen at any time. So, think it wise to purchase a well-covered international travel insurance plan.

  • Travel at the right time

The best places to travel to by yourself is also the choice of others. The same features the place posses made you to choose it for your holiday vacation. Make sure you do proper research to know how often people drop in to avoid busy travel times. When there are too much crowd and tourist in your travel destination, the satisfaction you will derive from your holiday vacation will be diminished. You will find it difficult, moving from one place to another due to the waiting and overbooking. From experience, I think you should travel off-season times for a more enjoyable vacation and adventures.

  • Learn to plan ahead

If you are traveling alone, learn the habit of planning. Even if you are the kind of person that can fix things in seconds, plan to prevent leaving your valuables behind. Also, remind yourself you are traveling alone and you have to constantly let someone close to you know where you are heading to. With proper planning, you can travel with the best transportation conveniently and book for the safest place to lodge.

Traveling to the best places by yourself is great and enjoyable. You can follow this article to travel with stress, and at the same time, have a memorable travel experience.

Let’s have your say on this topic, questions are also welcomed.

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