How to get the best Las Vegas flight and hotels packages

When Las Vegas is mentioned, you can easily relate it with America’s most popular travel destination. It gained its popularity from nightlife, fantastic pool parties, decadent buffets, year-round sun, and other well-known reasons. Las Vegas hotels are a bit cheap but their drinks are expensive. So, if you want the best Las Vegas flight and hotels packages, below are some of the answers to your questions on Las Vegas coupon deals.

What is the cheapest time to visit Vegas?

  • The cheapest time to go to Vegas and book your flight is a minimum of 14 days prior to your arrival. Doing this will save you extra $200 flight fare to Las Vagas. If you travel more often to Las Vegas, you will notice a constant hike in price for those who book las vegas airline and hotels packages within two weeks of arrival. The $200 is a standard fee for last-minute travelers. So, if you desire to save money or get cheap Vegas packages, then book further in advance of two weeks. Knowing this will help you plan your Las Vegas vacation package well.
  • From experience, traveling to Las Vegas on Saturday will save you up to $76. If you truly have to travel other weekdays, especially Friday or Saturday for the night party in Sin City, I don’t think $70 should be an issue. On second thought, retirees, students, among others who are on a more flexible budgets see the $76 extra savings as a great deal.
  • You can save extra $54 when you return on a Tuesday. Most travelers who book Las Vegas vacation airline package to fly on Tuesday will save $54. Please avoid returning on Saturday, it is the worst day for Las Vegas flight and hotels packages, especially for those traveling for business purpose.
  • The most convenient day to buy a flight ticket to Las Vegas is on Wednesday, and you can save up to $11. If you book your Las Vegas vacation packages on Wednesday, you will have an extra $11, to some this is not much, but the truth is, it will serve other purposes. The worst day you can ever think of booking a flight to Las Vegas is on Saturday. No matter how addicted you are to their local nightlife, be patient until hump to get cheap Vegas packages.
  • The cheapest time to go to Vegas is in August or October. This will also save you free $25. March to June usually have the lowest turnout or traveller compared to October and August. Another primary reason why going to Vegas in October is because of the weather condition. There are usually little or no rain in October, but August is a bit hot. Never mind there are several pool parties in town to chill you off.
  • If you desire the real cost of your ticket, you can make use of Hopper’s Airline Fee Calculator. You can grab the right bargain flight to Sin City if you are active enough to note the extra cost on different air flight search engines.
  • Hopper’s latest mobile app is programmed to send alerts on affordable Vegas packages; you can set up this alert for a small fee. It doesn’t matter where you are traveling from this period, as long as you are traveling by flight to Las Vegas. The updated version of Hopper’s mobile app will offer you real-time data to predict smartly, the current Las Vegas flight and hotels packages. It will show you the best day, time and current Las Vegas flights deals. You will also get notified when there is a price drop in Las Vegas flight and hotels packages.

How much does a vacation to Vegas cost?

You might have seen some travel ads offering cheap Las Vegas flight and hotels packages to visitors on vacation for $277. No doubt, this fee will only cover one of the old hotel room downtown and a red-eye air flight to and from Las Vegas. If you are set to enjoy your vacation trip to Vegas, you have to forget about this cost completely! You deserve the best Las Vegas flight and hotels packages, fly on a good airline.

vacation to Vegas
Las Vegas Nevada

Knowing this will help you take advantage of a better vacation package to Las Vegas. Because truth remains, Las Vegas is not as cheap as displayed on different ads platform. You have to make proper preparation before arrival so that you won’t run out of funds.

How to save for Las Vegas Flight and hotels packages

Now you know Vegas vacation cost is not as cheap as you think, it’s advisable to start saving to make your Las Vegas flight and hotels packages an enjoyable one. Below are some ways to achieve this:

  • Piggy Bank Vegas.

The major expenses you are to save for are, airfare, lodging, entertainment, food, attractions, and miscellaneous spending. I will advise you to save up a minimum of $1,000 if you are travelling alone. This will give you access to Las Vegas hotel packages of double-occupancy.

  • Monthly Savings.

Learn the habit of saving extra cash monthly on a special account meant for your Las Vegas vacation package. With this savings, you can easily visit Las Vegas once if not twice yearly. It makes your Las Vegas flight and hotels packages look cheap. Read further to see how these expenses break down.

When you book a hotel, you will probably pay around $100 per day. Let’s say there are two people in a room, that will be $50 for each person daily. You may sometimes spend more or less, depending on your Las Vegas deals coupons or vacation package.  So, if you decide to stay for a week, you will be spending around $350 – $400.

Cost of flight to Las Vegas is determined from your current location. But it shouldn’t exceed $400 for a round trip. Sometimes I spend about $175 round trip from Dallas to Las Vegas. But if you are lucky, you can spend less.

If you can get cheap Vegas packages for your vacation, you can be lucky to get a free meal. Your holiday package may contain breakfast and dinner; spending for lunch won’t be heavy on your pocket.

Another factor that determines if you are to spend more or less on meals when booking for Las Vegas flight and hotels packages is your taste for delicious and expensive meals. Where you choose to have your meals is also another determinant of meal cost. A couple with huge taste is likely to consume all-you-can-eat buffet meals daily, which cost only $25. The last time I eat in a fine restaurant during my stay, I can remember spending around $50. There are situations when you will need to take a snack. So, I will advise you to budget a minimum of $200 for your 5 days stay, usually from Sunday to Thursday.

If you are visiting on vacation, outside your Las Vegas flight and hotels packages, you will also have to spend on entertainment. Your crave for fun will determine how much you are likely to spend. If you feel like taking more than a show, let’s say like three shows, you will spend a minimum of $50 – $100 per show. It can be more than this, depending on the celebrity entertainer involved.

This attraction includes sightseeing tours. Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, are the two major attraction centers. Although some of the attraction centers at Las Vegas are free, some can cost as little as $100.

As you budget for hotels and flight to Las Vegas try to budget for miscellaneous spending like gifts, souvenirs, among others, that should cost about $50.

If you sum up all the expenses, it will be around $1,250 for each person. Can you still say Las Vegas vacation is inexpensive? No, but this is the exact cost an average person is likely to spend with Las Vegas flight and hotels packages all inclusive. About 20% of your money will be spent to cover expenses you didn’t plan for.

Does Vegas hotels Include resort fees?

From our manual research of about 100 Vegas hotels deals, we found out that nearly all Las Vegas hotels have resort fees, but as hidden charges. Some of our findings, and a quick reminder for those who desire to know the resort fees of Vegas hotels are listed below:

What is a resort Fee?

Resort fee as the name implies is a daily supplement which includes all the initial booking cost. It can be a direct booking from the hotel website, through an agent or other third parties. The fees can only be due when you decide to check out. In other words, you only make payment for the period you lodge upon check out.

Vegas Hotels
Caesars Palace

Resort fees only afford you the privilege to access some of the services rendered within the hotel facility.

These resort fees paid by customers have been bone of contention between customers and hotel management, to customers, they see it as hidden charges being managed independently from the quoted room rate, they only sperate it so that per night bookings will seem lower but in real terms, they are not.

Which Vegas Hotels have no resort fees?

Resort fees are not included in quoted prices; this mostly creates confusion for most customers who finds out they still have bills to pay before they check out.

For this reason, it’s advisable to use a travel agent when booking reservations for Las Vegas hotels. They will give you tips on how to be vigilant on resort fees so that you can budget for them too when planning your vacation trip.

This is enough reason we compiled the list of major Las Vegas hotel with and without resort fees.  Note that the fees listed below do not include the usual 13.38% tax as at present.

You will notice the highest Las Vegas hotel deals is about $45 each night before tax is added. This implies the addition of 13.38% tax will result in $51.02 fee per night. If you are good at comparing cost, you will notice the room rate is below the resort fee.

Vegas hotels with resort fees

Hotel Names Previous Resort Fee Recent Resort fee
1 Hotel $39 $45
6 RED ROCK $30 $35
8 HOOTERS $27.50 $32
10 CIRCUS CIRCUS $24.99 $32
11 WESTIN LAS VEGAS $18.99 $29.99
12 JW MARRIOTT RESORT & SPA $16.99 $29.99
13 PALACE STATION $15.99 $29.99
14 SAM’S TOWN $22 $29
17 THE PLATINUM $14.99 $25.99
18 ELLIS ISLAND $19.99 $25.58
19 SILVER SEVENS $20 $25
20 GOLDEN GATE, THE D $0 $25
21 ELARA $17.99 $24.99
22 SUNCOAST $15.99 $24.99
23 ALIANTE $18 $22
24 PLAZA $17.50 $22
25 M RESORT $15.99 $19.99
27 FIESTA HENDERSON $12.99 $18.99
28 SILVERTON $14.95 $17.95
29 ARTISAN $11.99 $15.94
30 FIESTA RANCHO $7.50 $14.99

Vegas hotels without resort fees

Visitors traveling for vacation prefer to patronise Las Vegas flight and hotels packages with lower cost. especially hotels without resort fees. But one confusing question they often ask is, which of the hotels are without resort fees? Although the majority of them include resort fees. But few Las Vegas hotels are yet to implement resort fees. You will find a list of these Las Vegas hotels below that doesn’t charge resort fees as at the time this article was written.

Hotel Names Previous Resort Fee Recent Resort fee
1 Americas Best Value Inn $0.00 $0.00
2 Casino Royale Best Western Plus $0.00 $0.00
3 Desert Rose Resort $0.00 $0.00
4 Four Queens $0.00 $0.00
5 Lucky club $0.00 $0.00
6 Marriott Las Vegas $0.00 $0.00
7 La Quinta Inn & Suites $0.00 $0.00
8 Residence Inn $0.00 $0.00
9 Red Roof Inn $0.00 $0.00
10 Royal Resort $0.00 $0.00
11 Travelodge Center Strip $0.00 $0.00
12 WorldMark Las Vegas Blvd $0.00 $0.00
13 WorldMark Tropicana $0.00 $0.00
14 Wyndham Desert Blue $0.00 $0.00
15 Wyndham Grand Desert $0.00 $0.00

Does Vegas have all inclusive hotels?

Finding cheap Las Vegas airline and hotels packages are sometimes very difficult. The average rate of U.S. hotel rooms has recently increase compared to what it was in past years. Imagine a rate of $121.37 in 2005, Following the statistics resource Statista.

This shouldn’t be enough reason to believe there is no affordable deals on Las Vegas hotel room. There are so many saving tricks you can apply to reduce your Las Vegas flight and hotels packages. Find out how you can quickly get all-inclusive hotel deals at a very low price.

14 Ways to get the best hotel deals in Las Vegas

  • Buy someone else’s unwanted hotel room reservation

Websites like will give you great hotel deals in Las Vegas that is no longer needed. This will reduce the rate you were supposed to spend on your hotel bills. The site is designed to help you find travellers who booked Las Vegas hotel room or reservation and later notice they won’t need it, but it is impossible to cancel. In this situation, the only way to retrieve part of their money is to sell and transfer the hotel reservation at a discounted price. RoomerTraver sometimes offers up to 74 per cent discount as hotel deals in Las Vegas.

  • Search for hotel coupon deals

Las Vegas hotel suites don’t regularly offer coupons. But if you look around different hotel booking sites, you will find coupon codes for a third-party hotel booking. This is an easy way to get Las Vegas hotel promotion. In some cases, like Coupon Sherpa, you will notice 40 percent discount hotels in Las Vegas at, and $20 percent off when you book at Hotelwiz at $150.

best hotel deals in Las Vegas

  • Negotiate a home away from home deal

Some times the best deals you will get is not with hotels, but from those who are willing to rent out their apartment for vacation. If you finally get a last-minute deal from VRBO or HomeAway, they will want to negotiate the price to a fair deal, in fear of missing out entirely from the last-minute booking.

  • Ask for a price match

A price match is not for target shopper. It is not always on advert; many hotels will lower their price in other to beat their competitors’ price.

  • Check your warehouse club

If you are a member of the warehouse club, they sometimes offer discount hotels deals in Las Vegas, especially for their members. So, it is advisable to always look out for their travel site for hotel deals in Las Vegas. You can also check for vacation package values.

  • Learn to stay midweek

If you would like to find great hotel deals in Las Vegas, learn to stay midweek and avoid weekends like Friday and Saturday. Doing this will save you extra cash. Majority of the discount hotels in Las Vegas offer discounts from Sunday to Thursday. You will also notice their restaurants, spas, pools are not that busy; for this reason, you may get more deals.

  • Look for inclusive deals

If you are finding it difficult to find good hotel deals in Las Vegas, you have to narrow down your search to what the different hotel offers. First check out for their daily parking fee, breakfast, WIFI and other comparing hotel rate, these daily fees are capable of adding up to your resort fee especially if you have to stay for a long time. If your Las Vegas hotel booking involves free breakfast, then it will be suitable for you and your family.

  • Maximise your credit card

Always learn to use your credit card for Las Vegas hotel bookings. Credit cards users, especially master and Visa cards, usually gets a whooping discount of around 10 percent off the initial hotel bookings when they book through This deal is always posted as Coupon Sherpa,” Those who visited Las Vegas in 2016 for vacation, enjoyed this coupon.

  • Secure more discount using membership

Las Vegas great deals in hotels are not solemnly for credit card uses and warehouse members. If you are military personnel or a senior citizen between the age of 65 and above, you will qualify for 15 percent off your hotel bookings.

  • Place your bookings using discount gift cards

Gift cards is beneficial to get good hotel deals in Las Vegas. You can purchase discounted gift cards which will, in turn, make your hotel room booking very cheap. From our research, gift card discounted close to 16 percent of the GifCardGranny site.

  • Download hotels App

If you are yet to make use of HotelTonight App, please give a trial. The App is designed to aggregates unsold rooms in different high-end hotels with great hotel deals for users. The last time I booked for a last-minute luxury accommodation using the HotelTonight App, I got about 70 percent off my hotel booking.

  • Check-in late

From my observation, the best way on how you can get a great hotel deal in Las Vegas is during noon or evening. You will get a good hotel room for same price as the regular one. Immediately the hotel has checked in all its guests for the day, then they will evaluate their vacancies and can choose to give you a room upgrade for little or nothing.

  • Avoid foreign transaction fees when booking

If you are booking for a discount hotel in Las Vegas, from another country using your credit card, Foreign transaction fees will be charged before your departure. This is more reasons why you should get a credit card that offers the best rate in foreign transaction fee to book all your travel arrangements.

  • Sign up for the credit card of your favorite hotel

Signing up for a hotel credit card does not necessarily mean you will enjoy the best rate on hotel deals, but it will save you the charges of a foreign transaction fee. In addition to this, you will likely receive some rewards more often.

I hope you now know how to find great hotel deals in Las Vegas? If so, you are set for your next holiday vacation. Having all this knowledge on Las Vegas Flight and hotels packages will prepare you for the best, without going stranded or spending out of pocket. It will also save you the trick of unrealistic vacation deals from different travel agents.

  • Book directly from the hotel website

When you book a hotel room through an agent or any other third party, they will charge you a commission fee. This is enough reason you should consider direct booking from the hotel website. Honour the rate they published. If you can confirm you saw their publication and you will like to book from them, then you will typically get some discount.

Let’s hear what you have to say on this topic. Your questions and answers are highly appreciated. Let’s discuss more using the comment session below.

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